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Launched emulation movement implementation of office cultural office, enterprise culture

JAT autoparts and industry equipments production jschave launched emulation movements, performing workplace culture, enterprise culture in communication, under the motto "4 sentences": Hello,  Sorry, Thank you, Ask for permission and "5 always": Always smiling, always gentle, always understanding, always helping, always ontime. The contents of the emulation issue implementing workplace culture will hone skills in communication, dealing with customers, with colleagues, and partners in handling work. The objective of emulation movement to implementing and creating powerful changes extensive the sense of self-cultivation, training, raising awareness, sense of responsibility of staff team in the discharge of their responsibilities assigned; actively contributing to the cause of building a civilized workplace, enterprise culture required to meet comprehensive renovation manufacturing industry is full of challenges with a specific job, every day, every hour , forming communication skills, dealing with customers, handling work, implementing assigned tasks.
To emulation movement has practical significance, the company's leaders require the departments and employees implementing extensive emulation movement, often continuous, achieve practical results consistent with the mandates of each department or individual. Also conducting to praise and reward timely quality assurance to emulation movement truly effective, the motivation cheering and encouraging all officers and employees strive to complete excellent tasks breast.