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Dear Clients and partners!

On behalf of the JAT Autoparts and Industrial Equipments Production JSC, I would like to convey to our clients and partners greetings, wishes health and sincere thanks for the interest, support and help of all during the way of formation and development.

JAT was established in 2008, after 10 years of development, from a small engineering, JAT Autoparts and Industrial Equipments manufacturing JSC has become a major leading company in manufacturing automobile parts and motorbikes in Vietnam.

With the motto of that best meets the needs of customers with the best quality, reasonable price stability, always punctual delivery. Our company continually continuous improvement, continuous integration of advanced science and technology in the modern world, ensuring each parts and components produced are perfect products to ensure technical standards, satisfying the needs of customers. 
Production department includes: cutting processing workshop-stamping (Hot forging & Cold stamping), welding workshop (TIG, MIG, MAG), machining workshop facilities (CNC, hydraulic facilities, sanga facilities, specialized facilities used), drilling, taro, broaching, milling, pipe cutting parts, tube bending, tube head mink, machining parts mold fixtures, and industrial equipment

Besides, JAT's mission is to become the Lead for automotive parts manufacturers, top motorcycle Southeast Asia, contributing to the development of supporting industries, the localization of the Party and the Government of Viet Nam. Vision 2025 to become a manufacturing company for automotive parts and civil high technology equipment with sales of hundreds of millions of dollars each year, of which mainly is exported, create jobs for about 500 employees.

All branded products JAT must go through a manufacturing process is strictly controlled from raw materials, tools and inputs until completion provide products to clients.