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JAT football league open 2015

In order to accelerate the movement towards football in particular and sports movement in general, saturday afternoon (4th.Oct.2015) at the stadium's recent JAT autoparts and industry equipments production jsc took place at the opening of the JAT football league open. The league is one of a series of cultural activities - sports in preparation to welcome the New Year, goodbye the old year.
8 team of JAT includes 89 players from the parts & different departments within the company. Even without much practice time as they have to ensure their daily work, but with the love sport so soon after the end of work hours of Saturday, our players were quickly set up and proceed with the air opening are extremely excited. All players determined to bring some great matches, the beautiful balls to the audience.
Results team winner belong to the employees coming from Logistic department, the second place belong to QC team and third place belong to the production plan section.