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Production line

JAT Autoparts and Industry Equipment production JSC

Workshop machining cutting-stamping, welding workshops (TIG, MIG, MAG), workshop facilities machining (CNC, spa facilities, amenities sanga, specialized facilities), drilling, taro, broaching, milling, cutting parts tubes, parts machining mold inserts, and industrial equipment.

  • Main Products
  • list Autoparts
  • list Motorbike parts
  • list Other mechanical products
  • Main Technology
  • list Cold Stamping
  • list Forging
  • list Welding section ( TIG, MIG, MAG)
  •        list Spot welding
  •        list Sanga lathe
  •        list CNC lathe
  •        list Hydraulic lathe
  •        list Cutting section
  •         list Tube bending  tube end
  •               expanding section
  •             list Other

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